You Are More Than You Pretend To Be

And more than you are told you are.

This is a special tribute to my friend and co-adventurer Graham Miller, aka the Intrepid Traveler.

The song below was early Graham music with barebones equipment. Work with what you have, create and don’t doubt you can.

Graham wrote and arranged in his early days. He did it on his Yamaha synthesizer. He then added the voice tracks.

His father Robert Miller just recently transformed the song into the video you see and hear.

The inspirational theme of the music video is that anyone can be more than they think could be.

Graham was a true hero and astonishing caring loving friend who embodied a spirit that I agree carries a message that need be heard by young people especially today…

I’ve had the privilege (Oli speaking) to know this to be true. And maybe in some ways just getting started too.

Follow your dreams, go further, explore, learn in your own way, follow your heart and don’t listen to what others say you must be.

You are capable of more than you think and definitely more than what you are told you are.

Trust yourself trust the universe.

Have a great adventure even when it’s scary. And then share something different with this world something truly your own.

Links below to some of Graham’s contributions – I had the joy of exploring music making with him which he mastered with his techno and atmospheric/cinematic work.

For those who knew him you know he himself lived this and shared his heart like few do.

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