Who Am I Really? Not The Artist Story

This isn’t the story of Oli the Artist – though deeper inquiry into the question has occupied curiosity and crisis in recent years. Related topics have, if playfully, made their way into my Artwork while shaking the foundations of my worldview – including the whole ‘no self’ is true self bit.

“Who am I?”

     …. “I am not anyone.

                  All there is is Wholeness, Beingness, Presence”

Please do not take any of what I’ve written to suggest I have achieved anything, nor can I say these words are at bottom anything other than my own views at present.

The ubiquitous question, the dangerous question perhaps… and my honest attempt to point to where the question
ends up if examined through observation and detached thought.

‘We’ are all ONE, without separation – BUT there is NO ‘We’ in ONE.

Capital S SELF is sometimes used to imply that which gives rise to and is ALL – is universal, not personal.

Wholeness is not an identity as such, though it is what ‘you’ are, what all this world is

The dream of individual selfhood, as all else, arises within wholeness, timeless, awareness.

‘Here’ & ‘Now’ (meant not as relative to a ‘there’ or ‘then’ – awareness has no location and is not of time).

Transpersonal Perspective

The Awareness you think of as yours (or you… or me) is not owned, (nor is it an identity in the usual sense).

We assume mistakenly that because there appear to be many body-minds, that there are many consciousnesses.

One Consciousness – all apparent forms, people, worlds are this one consciousness

Nothing is lost, nothing is gained, nothing is personal, nothing is separate, (no one in charge, no one to judge or to be judged) …

“All is Presence, Awareness, in which 
all apparent thoughts and concepts,
events and actions,
arise spontaneously.”

David Carse, perfect brilliant stillness

All-that-Is, is kinda sorta ‘Who’ I Truly Am, as All ‘Others’

Whatever is happening, whatever appears, including the idea that there is an individual me is precisely ‘the dream’ it is of the story of me – the dream goes on until it doesn’t.

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