Virtual Surreality With Graham Miller and Oli

Another experiment in Immersive Virtual Art Spaces aka Virtual Surreality project by Oli Goldsmith . (w/ Graham

View it properly in responsive 360 on or even better there with a headset….

This one is first one that is a very real collaboration with the wonderful music of Graham Miller

While he is no longer with us – and I miss him dearly- diving into his body of musical work and playing with ways in which the music can shape the visual side.

Play in YouTube App or VR headset for 360

This is just the start of a broader series of works exploring intersections of cinema, non-linear narrative, immersive experience and such all through an experimental, playful and artistic lens.

Though only an early test I can sense clearly how this process and approach – for me and hopefully for the audience too – is sort of like getting to know the music in a more than surface level way – and in turn continue to
know and learn and continue to dialogue with graham through his wide ranging musical legacy.

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