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Hello! This is the first post on my Oli Goldsmith Blog

I can’t promise it will be neat and tidy but it will offer a glimpse into my life and creative process. This website is where I’ll share behind the scenes stuff like my many creative experiments, specific art techniques, archives, quotes and philosophical musings.

This is not a tidy nor polished publication – contradictions and philosophical nonsense, loose ends and who knows what else is to be expected here.

I Welcome You to Oli Zone

Expect this to become an online version of my pile of physical notebooks, art sketchbooks, archives, experiments and the like. As my art blends boundaries in ways that to some may come off as chaos, to others as order.

“Chaos is Order”

As expressed by a personal hero, Terence McKenna (describing himself as a Philosophical Anarchist) states “Chaos is Order” – to which I concur utterly. The notion may be a nice entry point when viewing my artworks.

Even if it is also a convenient excuse for the ramblings – written and otherwise – you will soon find here. 🙃

Thanks for visiting – to check out my ‘main’ tidy art site visit OLIGOLDSMITH.COM and to browse my online art shop visit OLIGOLDSMITH.SHOP

oli goldsmith portrait photo 2021
Oli Goldsmith 2021

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