LSD-25 and dreams

My art can help do this for you but so can 2 other things.

Are they things? Well I won’t go there for now 🤨

Dreams and LSD.

Plants are great and all but nature is a concept a term we are it, nature to me means KOSMOS. Includes even everything you waste time regretting and hating.

Pop your head right off for fun 🤩 and exploration…

So yeah. Acid for the children.

Or whatever other potent new consciousness tools in macro doses. Enough with this micro crap and yes I’m laughing at myself too saying that.

Infinity is right here also but you maybe forget….

It’s not about “spirituality” in that sense it’s def not about anything other than everything and everything is real and more so ….

But all other spiritual practice is nonsense nothing forget it take psychedelics

As a cure all? It will hopefully remind you that there is nothing wrong or if there is for you well perhaps yes 🙌

Get a Better Vantage 😉

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