Art and Oli Goldsmith / Allegory and Self

Patterns, Awareness and All that Is. And Art too

To say my art is a pattern which is me and is also ever changing is to get at the heart of things. The heart of “consciousness” or “awareness” which is simultaneously still, perfectly still while being in motion.

Perhaps that suggests the texture of it the grain if you will of appearance but also of felt awareness of hearing of seeing of perceiving of ING. Or Be ING.

Ok so that’s a little off topic but on my primary topic the sense in which I find McLuhan most useful is not specific media as in a television a telephone a textbook or the internet. Though certainly the observation and genius of his double phrase “The medium is the message/massage” applies there also.

For me I come back to just how that applies to mind and awareness and “minds eye” inseeing and being itself.

I am that medium and the answer isn’t primarily about the content though does not exclude it. The content is all this appearance and includes everything from natural patterns on tree bark and waves on the sea to weather patterns the stock market and “white noise” on a tv set. It includes book titles, photographs, seeing animals in my backyard. It includes my sleep dreams and the phantasmagoric all of anything you might encounter as is oneself we’re not just a TV set but reality itself as a sensorium awareness aware of all it is aware of.

Yet to see the forest for the trees in such a case is to be aware of awareness as the sort of container of all of this world things ideas images feelings thoughts people and on and on.

Back to art and this role this bodymind form called oli who I find myself to be acting out and in identification with (not as).

What from that POV is enjoyable or most “Lila” about it:


At least partially the surprise of not knowing what will emerge as the content of artworks but partially having a sense of where it is going – and getting to watch in real-time as it were these things come about, appear from imagination and technology and memory and manifest in some gestalt then move along to be shared with observers and ultimately leave my own “field of awareness” …. hopefully to new abodes and homes and lives – sometimes via art exhibitions sometimes directly – where this mysterious process of creativity bridges and leaves trails that won’t last forever but are all part of this stream this fountain of the unknown making itself known here and now and presently as the ever unfolding reality that is simply what is.

No clear dividing lines no authentic vs inauthentic or such can I truly see here. No man made vs nature or fake vs real.

It’s one fluid everything. I am as much all of it and a part of it as I presume anyone and anything else. Holographically woven so incredibly as to seem as infinitely complex in any snapshot in any place or planet and yet of course to infinity it could not be more than a ripple if that. To have a sense of that I suppose one taste all is different and all the same. World without end. Includes everything. Excludes only nothing – call them the same thing if one must but from this frame of reference this bodymind all I can know is the fleeting show and the art process that goes on very much as content within the overall medium of mySELF.

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