Virtual Surreality With Graham Miller and Oli

Another experiment in Immersive Virtual Art Spaces aka Virtual Surreality project by Oli Goldsmith . (w/ GrahamMiller) View it properly in responsive 360 on or even better there with a headset…. This one is first one that is a very real collaboration with the wonderful music of Graham Miller While he is no longer with us – and I …

NFT drop – Peep Hole Moving 00001

New NFT drop from me to you here…. First in new series 👁 🕺

Pick Up a Philosophers Stone… or pebble

Go Pick up a stone, a pebble, a Little Rock a grain of sand. Whatever on hand 😉 Look at it, this beautiful little guy appears in mind is an appearance in “consciousness” … as all else. Pocket your new found philosopher’s Stone and remember when you look when you see everything everywhere. All in all infinity in a grain …

Working on Future Forms

Working on making some #future cool 😎 bringing back some of that 90s #Raver #Wired Magazine vibes I miss. Wait but that’s the past right? Hmmmm well we shall see. Dive into #digitalart then get back to the #physical…. (Whatever that is – but you I suppose know what I mean lol) … stuff still to place in the frame …

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Goodbye Guilt

Modern guilt. Ancient guilt. Stupid guilt. Goodbye guilt. Mixed media on Yupo paper by Oli Goldsmith, 2021 It doesn’t mean don’t do good stuff (what seems good to you is fine) just that it’s rather hard to with that human guilt thing hanging over oneself

Radio Interview with Oli and David Newland June 2021

As part of Art Gallery of Northumberland’s Series 3 Featured Artists 2021 – of which I was one of the 6 featured. Here is a nice little discussion on my artwork and process and some of my thoughts. Thanks to David and Art Gallery of Northumberland

World Made of Magic

You may have reason yet to discover this world is made of magic. And you whoever you are are indeed a sorcerer – if you just surrender in the flow. Don’t know don’t need to understand to know need to not understand to know. Anyway here I’m working on some of these cool new meets old remix video upres things …

You Are More Than You Pretend To Be

And more than you are told you are. This is a special tribute to my friend and co-adventurer Graham Miller, aka the Intrepid Traveler. The song below was early Graham music with barebones equipment. Work with what you have, create and don’t doubt you can. Graham wrote and arranged in his early days. He did it on his Yamaha synthesizer. …